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Rhapsodie amoreuse pour orchestre à cordes
by Randolph Pitts
(i) engouement  (ii) romance  (iii) amour éternel

This page is dedicated to the power of love
 and the creative spirit, which are really
one and the same.
  It includes a bit of poetry, a bit of art,
and a bit of music.
  I hope you enjoy it.

Randolph Pitts image by Cristie Strongman
Randolph Pitts romance love  heartache New York 2012 engagement
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randolph pitts the trouble with midnight
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Image by Randolph Pitts, dedicated to his fiancée Cristie Strongman
A romantic image created thinking about my ex-fiancée, the dedicatee of my compositions, Cristie Strongman
A lone blue rose symbolizing everlasting love  Cannes Sundance Academy Awards Randolph Pitts renaissance man LEAVING LAS VEGAS

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love flies away (as it inevitably does...)
The Pot of Earth (Archibald MacLeish)
Marienbader Elegie (Goethe)
Marienbader Elegie (Goethe)