The Explore Ecstatic Sensuality Podcast

Maximum Sensuality is essential for a more exciting sex life, whether you are with one lover or with many. This podcast shows you how to make this happen in relationships, dating, casual sex and intimacy. Sensuality is also the path toward spiritual love and spiritual sex. Your sensual self is your spiritual self! Sensuality enhances your passion and your creativity in all aspects of your life, from business through sports through the arts. Sensuality is the essence of pleasure! With research psychologist, novelist, classical composer and motion picture production executive Randolph Pitts.

The Explore Ecstatic Sensuality podcast is the Number One Sex and Sensuality podcast in the world. It presents research findings from leading psychologists and other scientists from top universities to help you find solutions to your love and relationship issues and difficulties. It also shows how the insights of philosophers and other thinkers apply to real world issues in your life.  Explore Ecstatic Sensuality is available on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Audible, as well as on the Lendall Pitts and Lendall Pitts II channels on YouTube.  Here is a sample of recent episodes, but to hear all episodes you will want to visit one of these podcast platforms. Randolph Pitts "Mr. Sensuality" guides you through fundamental concepts of Psychology and Philosophy so that you will be understand how to have a truly Ecstatic sex life!